Art Noveau Bronze Statuette Marble Base Depicting The Goddess Diana The Huntress


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We kindly suggest you read the whole description, because with it we try to give you detailed technical and historical information to guarantee the authenticity of our objects. Pretty and elegant statuette in cast bronze with marble base, depicts the Roman goddess Diana (Artemis in the greek world) in an attitude of hunting lightly holding a spear; the young Goddess is not represented in the classical style, but with clothing, hairstyle, and face to the fashion Art Noveau; also the slender body is full of elegant grace and composed; the excellent fusion of bronze statuary (copper, tin combined with hardening materials), was then finished by hand in all details. A special type of marble was used for the base: Nero Marquinia, high-quality, fine-grained stone material with a deep black color, extracted from the region of Markina, Basque Country in northern Spain, is one of the most famous and appreciated natural stones in the world; Marquinia is widely used for fine ornamental work; The statuette was made in Art Noveau style between 1920 and 1922 in a small workshop in Val D'Osne (Haute Marne, France), an area famous for its cast iron, bronze, and copper foundries. The Art Nouveau ("New Art") is an artistic and philosophical movement that was born in France between the end of the nineteenth century and the first decades of the twentieth century and spread throughout Europe with different names in different countries: in Spain the modernism, in Italy the liberty, in Austria the Sezessionstil, in Germany the Jugendstil. From a visual point of view, Art Nouveau works (paintings, statues, architecture) are characterized by an accentuated decorative elegance and gentle, sinuous lines that meet and intertwine harmoniously. Diana, is an Italic Goddess, Latin, and Roman, is the lady of the forests and wild animals, the guardian of springs and streams, the protector of women, especially in childbirth, and she who established the power of kingship. One of the oldest texts where the figure of Diana - Artemis appears is "the Theogony" of Hesiod, where is narrated the birth of the Goddess, daughter of Zeus, and Latona daughter of the titans Ceo and Phoebe. According to the myth, Hera (the wife of Zeus) jealous of adultery, sent a huge python in the attempt to prevent the birth of Latona. Despite the curse of Hera, Latona was able to give birth at the foot of Mount Corinth, on the island of Delos, a pair of twins Artemis and Apollo. Also according to the myth, the first to be born was Artemis, who helped her mother in the birth of her twin. From this myth, Diana became the protector of women in labor. The statuette is in excellent condition. Measures width cm.48, depth cm.11, height cm.25. For all our shipments we use special packaging materials (wooden crates, styrofoam, etc.) for maximum protection and safety of the objects.

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20th century (1900-1999)
Place of origin:
Art Nouveau
Dimensions (cm):
25H x 48W x 11D
Dimensions (inch):
9,84H x 18,90W x 4,33D
Creator / Artist:
Bronze, Marquina marble
Good; Wear consistent with age and use. The statuette is in excellent condition.
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