About us

The Mission behind ArtOrigo

  Also showing videos of products, events and projects to sell curated Art + Design

“I was chasing down a dream before it disappeared” 


We strongly believe that the only way to support your sales and represent your Gallery on AO if we

  • provide open and free communication between the Galleries and the DTP (Design Trade Professionals),
  • charge no commission and additional hidden fees on sales, there is no room for a third parties here,
  • allow our Dealers and the DTP to close the sale directly face to face,
  • let the Galleries to stay connected to the DTP and sell more after the first sale completed and keeping them forever as clients,
  • propose flexible subscription plans (3-6-9-12) without any long term commitments to work happy and without the stress of binding,
  • allow the AO Galleries to post their gallery events, fairs and exhibitions, also short videos, we think this is the future,
  • the AO Super Sync ™ is an amazing tool and way to post your products daily. Contact us to learn about it (minimum 6 months subscription required)


Our “Moving Art” section is one of a kind, showing rare objects , sculptures , videos , films & movies , basically anything that moves , making a sound, flashing and vibrating,

SPS technology (Shoot-Post-Sell): to post an item or a video in about a minute, using our Quick Posting tool,

As “time is money” we don’t require galleries to spend hours on AO to post their collection,


Who we are?

Founder / President of ArtOrigo

Born into a traditional Antique Dealer family 

After having spent over three decades of trading Antiques, Fine & Collective Art, 20th Century Design, worked for luxury online shopping platforms, the idea of ArtOrigo was born not a long ago representing the vision what Gabor thinks about the Art + Design Industry

Quality, speed and the old school face to face trading technique, open communication between the Dealers and Design Trade Professionals combined with the newest technology (AO Super Sync ™) and Gábor's personal connection with most of the Dealers is the way run ArtOrigo 

Certified appraiser of Furniture, Fine Art, 20th C. Design, Antiques, Jewellery & Gemstones 

Co-founder / CDO of ArtOrigo

Wife and business partner, independent free-lance photographer, certified appraiser of Antiques, Jewellery and Gemstones. Beatrix - as many of you know her Trixi - created the ArtOrigo look spending her time to make sure that our gallery members will be represent as they deserve, in style and elegance

Social Media

Noé is responsible for FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest on ArtOrigo

Marketing Manager & Global Support

Over 15 years of experience of marketing and management with "V.I.P. client relationship and communication" in the Art + Design Online Industry 

Head of Creative Marketing


International Marketing & Sales Consultant