About us

Mission Statement 

“I was chasing down a dream before it disappeared” 

Attention all designers and collectors:  There is a new favorite resource for those coveted finds from some of the world’s greatest galleries.  At ArtOrigo, we are the first art and design marketplace to utilize the best of what social media has to offer. With our SPS technology (Shoot-Post-Sell) you can upload videos and photos on the fly, or even better, you can utilize our AO Super Sync ™ software to seamlessly link your websites online inventory to your ArtOrigo storefront, saving you the most precious of commodities…TIME!  We strongly believe that ArtOrigo is the marketing tool that will bring the world of art and design together by providing dynamic selling experience with no hidden fees and the ability to have direct and open communication between dealer and collector.  At ArtOrigo we want you to create the selling experience that works best for you and the collectors you serve.

We strongly believe that the only way to support your sales and represent your Gallery on AO if we

  • provide transparency and communication between the Galleries and the DTP (Design Trade Professionals).

  • free membership on commission (New).


  • flexible subscription plans (3-6-9-12) without any long term commitments and commission on sales.
  • we help Dealers and the DTP to close the sale fast and smooth providing secure payment and shipping gateway.

  • allow the AO Galleries to post their gallery events, fairs and exhibitions, also short videos, we think this is the future.

  • the AO Automatic Product Sync ™ is an amazing tool and way to post your products daily. 

  • Request an account: https://artorigo.com/seller-application 



The Gran III Venture Capital Fund (http://granpe.hu) made a significant investment in ArtOrigo.com Kft. in December 2018. Thank you for your Trust.
2018 Decemberében a Gran III Kockázati Tőkealap (http://granpe.hu) jelentős összegű kockázati tőkebefektetést eszközölt társaságunkba. 

Name of the beneficiary: ArtOrigo Kft.
Kedvezményezett neve: ArtOrigo.com Kft.

The title of the project: Development and operation of an online marketplace specializing in luxury products and antiques
A projekt neve: Luxus termékekre és regiségekre specializádódott, innovatív online piactér fejlesztése, működtetése

The project identification number: VEKOP-2.1.2-17
A projekt azonosító száma: VEKOP-2.1.2-17



Who we are?

Founder / President of ArtOrigo

Born into a traditional Antique Dealer family 

After having spent over three decades of trading Antiques, Fine & Collective Art, 20th Century Design, worked for luxury online shopping platforms, the idea of ArtOrigo was born not a long ago representing the vision what Gabor thinks about the Art + Design Industry

Quality, speed and the old school face to face trading technique, open communication between the Dealers and Design Trade Professionals combined with the newest technology (AO Super Sync ™) and Gábor's personal connection with most of the Dealers is the way run ArtOrigo 

Certified appraiser of Furniture, Fine Art, 20th C. Design, Antiques, Jewellery & Gemstones 

Co-founder / CDO of ArtOrigo

Wife and business partner, independent free-lance photographer, certified appraiser of Antiques, Jewellery and Gemstones. Beatrix - as many of you know her Trixi - created the ArtOrigo look spending her time to make sure that our gallery members will be represent as they deserve, in style and elegance

Social Media

Noé is responsible for FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest on ArtOrigo



Head of Creative Marketing (R.I.P.)

We not only lost a Great Friend, but a Great Soul this week on 2021.03.17 on a said Wednesday night. Stephen was only 53. May your soul R.I.P., we will never forget you Stephen. The World will be not the same without you. He always signed his emails adding an iris-coloured-butterfly at the end... that was his signature, he was a butterfly.

Stephen Levine has joined the ArtOrigo.com as Head of Creative Marketing in August, 2019. Stephen brought to the table an understanding on how to bridge the gap for the Art and Design industry through ArtOrigo’s revolutionary online platform. 

Global Sales

Passionate about Mid-century Modern Furniture and Performing Art