1950s Mid-century Modern Policrome Ceramic Bust of the Blindfolded Goddess


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A mid-century modern ceramic bust of the blindfolded goddess synonymous with luck manufactured by Ceramica Artistica Punziano in Naples in the Fifties in original conditions with normal signs on the glaze. it's marked on the bottom and labeled with the orignal label of the roman shop which sold it. This Ceramic Bust is a stunning example of the artistic style and design trends prevalent during that era. The bust is made of high-quality ceramic, a popular material choice for mid-century modern art. Ceramic was appreciated for its versatility, allowing artists to experiment with various shapes, textures, and glazes. In this case, the bust is sculpted, with attention paid to the intricate details and proportions of the goddess's face and features. The Blindfolded Goddess in Naples is a symbolic representation of fortune. It's a medium-sized sculpture suitable for display on a tabletop or a mantelpiece. Its compact size allows for easy integration into various interior design settings, whether in a living room, study, or office. Read Less Dimensions: Height: 13.78 in (35 cm)Width: 7.88 in (20 cm)Depth: 8.67 in (22 cm)

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Mid-Century Modern
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Ceramica Punziano
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