1960s Mid-Century Modern Bullicante Gold and Transparent Murano Glass Ashtray


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A murano glass ashtray designed and manufactured in Italy by Barovier in the Sixties, it's in very good condition. This Murano Glass Ashtray by Barovier is a fascinating and collectible piece of Murano glassware. Murano glass, produced on the island of Murano near Venice, Italy, is known for its exquisite craftsmanship and artistic flair. The term "bullicante" refers to a glassmaking technique where small air bubbles are intentionally trapped within the glass, creating a textured or bubbled effect. This technique adds visual interest and depth to the glass object, giving it a unique and dynamic appearance. The combination of gold and transparent glass gives it a luxurious and elegant design. The use of gold accents imparts a touch of opulence and warmth to the ashtray. The transparency of the glass allows light to pass through, enhancing the beauty of the bubbles and creating an intriguing play of light and shadow. Barovier is a renowned Murano glassmaker with a long history dating back to the 13th century. The company is known for its innovation, quality craftsmanship, and artistic designs. Owning a piece created by Barovier is often considered a symbol of prestige and fine taste. This Murano glass piece can be appreciated for its artistic value even if you don't use it for its original purpose. Its compact size and unique design make it suitable for display on a coffee table, shelf, or as a centerpiece. When showcasing the ashtray, consider placing it in an area where it can catch natural or artificial light, highlighting the intricate details of the bullicante technique and the golden accents. It can be a statement piece that adds a touch of mid-century modern elegance to any interior. Creator: Barovier (Manufacturer) Dimensions: Height: 1.97 in (5 cm)Width: 5.52 in (14 cm)Depth: 4.73 in (12 cm)

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Mid-Century Modern
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Barovier & Toso
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