1970s Mid-Century Modern Fake Tortoise Lucite Italian Rectangular Picture Frame


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This 1970s Picture Frame is a stylish and distinctive piece of decor that reflects the design trends of its era. The frame is crafted from Lucite, a type of acrylic glass known for its transparency, durability, and lightweight properties. It features a faux tortoise pattern on the surface, which mimics the natural patterns found on real tortoise shells. This rectangular picture frame embodies the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic, which was popular in the 1950s and 1960s but continued to influence design well into the 1970s. The frame is sleek, minimalistic, and emphasizes clean lines and geometric shapes. Its minimalist design showcases the beauty of the faux tortoise pattern, creating an intriguing blend of organic and synthetic elements. The frame's predominant color is a rich, warm brown with dark and light variations, creating a visually engaging and textured surface. This frame is of Italian origin, reflecting the fine craftsmanship and design sensibilities associated with Italian design. Italy has a long history of producing high-quality furniture and decor, and this frame is no exception, boasting both form and function. The rectangular shape accommodates a standard-sized photograph, making it suitable for displaying cherished memories or artwork. It is likely to come in various sizes to cater to different picture dimensions. This picture frame is not only functional but also a beautiful piece of art in its own right, perfect for adding a touch of vintage style and sophistication to any room. Similar to: Christian Dior (Designer) Dimensions: Height: 7.09 in (18 cm)Width: 5.52 in (14 cm)Depth: 1.58 in (4 cm)

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