1970s Mid-Century Modern Fake Tortoise Murano Glass Vase


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A fake tortoise murano glass vase designed and hand-crafted in Murano in the Seventies, it's il perfect conditions.This Murano Glass Vase is a captivating piece that encapsulates the essence of its time. It stands as a testament to the fusion of artistic innovation and craftsmanship that marked the mid-century modern period and the enduring appeal of Murano glass as a medium of artistic expression.The vase features the clean lines and geometric shapes typical of mid-century modern design, the faux tortoise shell pattern has a rich, warm color palette, reminiscent of real tortoiseshell. This includes deep browns, amber, and black, blended together to create an organic and eye-catching design. While the primary purpose of the vase is as a decorative art piece, it remains functional as a vessel for holding flowers or other decorative elements. Its form is designed to highlight the beauty of the contents while serving as an artful focal point.

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