1970s Modernist Blue and Brown Faceted Murano Glass Round Bowl by Mandruzzato


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A round bowl designed and manufactured in Murano by Mandruzzato, lovely colors and very good conditions overall, it also can be used as ashtray. A Bowl by Mandruzzato is a remarkable piece that showcases the skill and artistry of the renowned Murano glassmakers. Mandruzzato, a prominent glass studio in Murano, Italy, created this bowl in the modernist style that was popular during the 1970s. The bowl is expertly crafted from Murano glass, which is celebrated for its exceptional quality and rich history. The use of vibrant blue and brown hues adds depth and visual interest to the piece, while the faceted surface enhances its modernist appeal. The faceting technique involves cutting the glass at precise angles to create geometric facets that catch and reflect light, resulting in a dazzling play of reflections and refractions. The round shape of the bowl is sleek and elegant, with a polished surface. The combination of the rounded form and the faceted glass creates a captivating contrast, balancing organic and geometric elements. The modernist influence is evident in the simplicity and clean lines of the design. The focus is on the interplay of color and light, with the glass acting as both a functional vessel and a visual statement. The bold use of blue and brown adds a touch of sophistication, while the faceted surface adds a dynamic and sculptural dimension. This 1970s Modernist Blue and Brown Faceted Murano Glass Round Bowl by Mandruzzato is not only a functional object but also a work of art that embodies the creativity and innovation of the era. It is a testament to the craftsmanship and ingenuity of the Murano glassmakers, who have perfected their techniques over centuries. Creator: Mandruzzato (Manufacturer) Dimensions: Height: 2.49 in (6.3 cm)Diameter: 5.12 in (13 cm)

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Mid-Century Modern
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Alessandro Mandruzzato
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