1970s Scheurich Modernist Fat Lava Red, Black and Green Ceramic German Vase


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A fat lava ceramic bottle vase designed and manufactured in West Germany in the Seventies by Scheurich, This bottle Vase is a striking and iconic piece of ceramic art that captures the essence of the Fat Lava style, a popular trend in West German pottery during the mid-20th century. The vase features a bold, robust, and sculptural rectangular bottle form that is characteristic of the Fat Lava style.. The dominant colors in this vase are red, black, and green. The red glaze is likely to be vibrant and eye-catching, creating a strong visual impact. Black and green accents are used for abstract shapes on the surface of the vase. One of the hallmarks of Fat Lava ceramics is the presence of unique and textured glazes that resemble molten lava. The surface of the vase has a rough fat texture creating a tactile and visually appealing finish. The vase bears the Scheurich marking on the base, indicating the series or model number. Fat Lava ceramics have gained popularity among collectors and enthusiasts for their unique aesthetics and historical significance. Vases like this one are sought after for their artistic and design qualities, as well as their representation of a specific era in ceramic art. This 1970s Scheurich Modernist Vase is a testament to the creativity and innovation of West German pottery during that period. Its bold, colorful, and textural design makes it a captivating and highly collectible piece of ceramic art that can be a focal point in any interior decor.

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Mid-Century Modern
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Scheurich Keramik
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