1970s Seguso Modernist PInk Sommerso Faceted Murano Glass Big Ashtray


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A Pink Sommerso Faceted Murano Glass Ashtray is a vintage ashtray produced by the renowned Italian glassmaker Seguso during the 1970s. Seguso is a prominent name in Murano glass, known for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs. The term "Sommerso" refers to a technique used in Murano glassmaking, where different colored layers of glass are fused together, creating a unique effect. In the case of your ashtray, the pink color is likely encased within clear glass layers, resulting in a distinctive visual appearance. Its outer surface features multiple flat surfaces or cuts, providing additional texture and visual interest. This facetting technique is commonly used in modernist design to create geometric and angular shapes. For its size, larger than a regular ashtray make it more functional and visually striking. In summary It is a collectible piece of Murano glass that represents the artistic and design sensibilities of the 1970s Creator: Seguso (Manufacturer) Dimensions: Height: 4.34 in (11 cm)Diameter: 8.27 in (21 cm)

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Space Age
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Seguso Vetri d'Arte
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