1970s Set of Two Iconic Lino Sabattini Modernist Silver Plated Candelabras


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Two silver plated candle holders designed by Lino Sabattini and manufactured by Sabattini Argenteria. They have been manufactured in Italy in the Seventies, signed on a side, they are in very good conditions. A 1970s set of two iconic Lino Sabattini modernist silver-plated candelabras would be a striking and elegant addition to any home decor. The candelabras would be made of high-quality silver-plated metal, with a sleek and shiny finish that reflects the light beautifully. They would feature a minimalist and modernist design, with clean lines and simple shapes that embody the essence of mid-century modern style. Each candelabra would consist of two arms, each with a candle holder at the end, arranged in an asymmetrical pattern. The arms would be slender and gracefully curved, creating a sense of movement and fluidity that adds to the overall elegance of the piece. The silver-plated finish would add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any interior design scheme, while the minimalist design would keep the overall look timeless and versatile. Overall, the Lino Sabattini modernist silver-plated candelabras would be a beautiful and functional work of art, providing both ambient lighting and a striking sculptural element to any space. Dimensions: Height: 12.6 in (32 cm)Width: 5.12 in (13 cm)Depth: 4.34 in (11 cm) Sold As: Set of 2

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Mid-Century Modern
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Lino Sabattini
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