1980s Modern Turquoise and White Murano Glass Round Centerpiece


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A 1980s Turquoise and White Murano Glass Centerpiece designed and manufactured in Italy in the style of Venini. This Round Centerpiece is a stunning decorative object that embodies the design sensibilities of the 1980s and showcases the renowned craftsmanship associated with Murano glass. It's crafted from Murano glass, which is famous for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Murano glass is known for its clarity, vibrant colors, Turquoise and White: The colors of the centerpiece are turquoise and white. Turquoise is a vibrant and eye-catching color often associated with the 1980s design aesthetics, and white complements it beautifully, creating a striking contrast.The circular form adds symmetry and balance to the piece. Murano glass is known for its translucency, and this centerpiece allows light to pass through it, creating an enchanting play of light and color in the surrounding space. The turquoise color would likely be bold and vibrant, adding a pop of color to the space. Similar to: Venini (Manufacturer) Dimensions: Height: 3.15 in (8 cm)Diameter: 14.18 in (36 cm)

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