1990s Pop Art Andy Warhol Self Portrait Square Glass Tray by Rosenthal


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This Self portrait Curved Glass Tray, designed by the iconic artist Andy Warhol, epitomizes the spirit of the era's vibrant and bold artistic movement. Blending Warhol's distinctive style with functional design, this glass tray serves as both a practical accessory and a captivating piece of contemporary art. Measuring a generous square, the tray boasts clean lines and a sleek profile that characterizes the 1990s aesthetic. The glass surface provides a pristine canvas for Warhol's signature imagery, capturing his own self-portrait with a sense of audaciousness and wit that defined his work. Rendered in a black and green Pop Art-inspired color palette, the self-portrait is transformed into a captivating visual spectacle, with vibrant hues that demand attention. The tray's glass construction imbues the piece with a sense of translucence and depth, allowing Warhol's self-portrait to shimmer and come to life when viewed from different angles. Warhol's self-portrait is masterfully executed, with his distinctive hairstyle, sunglasses, and enigmatic gaze captured in his characteristic style. This collaboration between Andy Warhol and Rosenthal, a renowned German porcelain manufacturer, demonstrates the cross-pollination of art and design during the 1990s. The tray seamlessly merges the worlds of fine art and functional homeware, blurring the boundaries between the gallery space and the everyday. This Tray put the iconic Andy Warhol self-portrait in a new and unexpected context. Creator: Rosenthal (Manufacturer) Andy Warhol (Artist) Dimensions: Height: 11.82 in (30 cm)Width: 11.82 in (30 cm)Depth: 1.19 in (3 cm)

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Pop Art
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Andy Warhol
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