A 1950s Barovier Mid-Century Modern Bullicante Clear Murano glass Round Bowl


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A round glass bowl designed and manufactured in Murano in the Fifties by Barovier, it's in lovely conditions. This bowl is a valuable and collectible piece that captures the spirit of its era. It's appreciated not only for its artistic qualities but also as a representation of the skilled craftsmanship that the Murano glassmakers are known for. The bowl is made of high-quality clear Murano glass. The transparency of the glass allows for a clear view of the intricate detailing, such as the bullicante technique. The term "bullicante" refers to a distinctive Murano glassblowing technique where controlled air bubbles are deliberately trapped within the glass during the blowing process. These bubbles create a visually interesting texture and play of light within the glass. In the case of this bowl, the bullicante effect it's evident as evenly spaced, small air bubbles suspended within the glass. The bowl is round in shape, which was a common design in Mid-Century Modern glassware. It features a smooth, symmetrical, and well-proportioned form with a balanced silhouette.

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Mid-Century Modern
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Arcole Barovier
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