An Amazing 1930s Art Deco Bakelite and Steel Italian Fan


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A very good conditions Art Deco Fan designed and manufactured probably in Italy in the Thirties. It's in working order but it must be serviced in order to be used. This Italian fan is a stunning example of design and craftsmanship from the Art Deco era. This exquisite fan showcases the elegance and sophistication that characterized this period's aesthetic. The fan's primary materials are Bakelite and steel, which were commonly used during the 1930s. Bakelite, an early plastic, was prized for its durability and ability to be molded into intricate shapes. Steel, on the other hand, provided structural support and a sleek, metallic finish. The fan's design is a testament to the Art Deco movement, known for its geometric patterns, bold colors, and a strong emphasis on symmetry and modernity. The base and fan's blades are crafted from Bakelite, featuring a deep brown tone that was typical of the era. The combination of Bakelite and steel creates a striking contrast that adds to its visual appeal. Art Deco fans, especially those from the 1930s, have become highly collectible due to their historical significance and unique design. An Art Deco Bakelite and steel Italian fan like this would be considered a valuable collector's item and could command a premium price at auctions or among vintage enthusiasts. In summary, this fan is a rare and beautiful relic of a bygone era. Its combination of Bakelite and steel, intricate design, and Italian craftsmanship make it a striking example of Art Deco style and a prized collector's item. Similar to: Marelli (Manufacturer) Dimensions: Height: 15.75 in (40 cm)Width: 11.82 in (30 cm)Depth: 5.91 in (15 cm)

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