Art Deco Pair of French Spelter Bookends in Fish Shape and Marquinia Marble Base


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We kindly suggest you read the whole description, because with it we try to give you detailed technical and historical information to guarantee the authenticity of our objects. Original and rare pair of bookends in Art Deco style; the design is essential with bold, marked lines, overall pleasingly elegant and proportionate; the fish, made of spelter a schematic representation of two angel fish (Pterophyllum Scalare); the rectangular base with two shaped corners is made of black Marquinia marble; the pair was produced by sophisticated spelter casting in an artisanal workshop in Saint-Ouen, a quaint suburb of Paris, France, between 1930 and 1935; master craftsmen then finished the objects by hand to give them a delicate and graceful shape, then subjected them to a delicate and complex treatment with special and secret acids to make them take on elegant bronze hues, then they were placed on a precious base of elegant black Marquinia marble; the craftsmen were able to submit metal to their artistic sensibilities, creating two unique and fantastic objects. The Pterophyllium or angel fish (see photo), is a tropical freshwater fish common in the Amazon River basin and other rivers in Brazil and French Guiana. These fish, with their extensive dorsal and ventral fins, have unparalleled poise and elegance in their movements. Black Marquinia marble is a high-quality, fine-grained stone material with a deep black color, quarried from the Markina region, Basque Country in northern Spain, is one of the most famous and appreciated natural stones in the world; Marquinia is widely used for fine ornamental work. Spelter is a metal alloy composed of copper, zinc, and lead, which can be finished in all shades of bronze. It has been used since 1860 for the manufacture of candelabra, clock cases, and lamps. In the early 20th century many sculptors such as Jaques Limousin used it extensively in their production of Art Noveau and Art Deco ornaments and figurines. Measures width cm.15, depth cm.8, and height cm.17. The objects are in good condition, one has only a very small period of repair before the caudal fin (see photo). For all our shipments we use special packaging materials (wooden crates, styrofoam, etc.) for maximum protection and safety of the objects.

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Place of origin:
Art Deco
Dimensions (cm):
17H x 15W x 8D
Dimensions (inch):
6,69H x 5,91W x 3,15D
Creator / Artist:
Metal, Marble
Good; Wear consistent with age and use. The objects are in good condition, one has only a very small period repair before the caudal fin (see photo).
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