Brutalist copper vases from the 1960s handmade by Angelo Bragalini


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These copper vases by Angelo Bragalini represent a fusion between artistic expression and exploration of materials typical of the mid-twentieth century. They are timeless examples of the enduring appeal of the /One design and the craftsmanship of skilled craftsmen such as Angelo Bragalini, a craftsman known for his mastery of metalworking and his contributions to the Brutalist movement. Brutalism in art and design emphasizes raw materials, rugged textures, and bold shapes. These copper vases embody these principles through their handcrafted construction and hammered finish, creating a distinctive aesthetic characterized by textured yet expressive surfaces. Each vase is a unique piece, reflecting the individuality of the craftsmanship. The process of hand hammering the copper gives the vessels a sense of authenticity and craftsmanship, highlighting the malleability and intrinsic beauty of the material. The brutalist style, popular in the mid-20th century with designs that celebrate the intrinsic qualities of the materials used, the hammered copper surfaces create visual interest through their texture and play of light, while the organic shapes evoke a sense of natural fluidity and of movement. Their rugged beauty and sculptural presence make them irresistible decorative objects that add character and depth to any interior space. They are in good general condition and signed on the bottom, the height of the small one is 24 cm. Creator : Angelo Bragalini (Author) Dimensions : Height: 56 cm (22.05 in)Width: 30 cm (11.82 in)Depth: 25 cm (9.85 in) Sold as : Set of 2

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