Florentine Handcrafted Crystal Bottle Ground, Cut And Polished By Hand


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We kindly suggest that you read the entire description, as we try to give you detailed technical and historical information to guarantee the authenticity of our objects. Exceptional and valuable whiskey bottle; has been made with a lead crystal of the highest quality with a high thickness to grind it deeper than normal, which allows the light to reflect in a much brighter and more brilliant way; for this to happen, the geometry of the grinding is also specially designed and executed. The bottle turns out to be much heavier than others on the market. We must at this point make an important clarification about the finishing of our bottle: towards the end of the 1960s, acid crystal polishing was devised in Germany; the object was immersed and rotated in a solution of sulfuric acid, fluoridic acid, and water and in a short time all the defects left by previous processes were eliminated; it was a fast, industrial operation that allowed costs to be lowered considerably, with discrete but not excellent results. This method is still used today for almost all crystal objects. But for our bottle, traditional hand polishing was used with cork wheels immersed in pumice and cerium oxide dissolved in water, which thanks to their abrasive and polishing action give the product a perfect polish. The squares of the bottle were individually polished one by one, as well as the horizontal and vertical grindings by two specialized craftsmen who took about two days of work, achieving a very high standard of quality on an artifact of inestimable value. The bottle was made between 1990 and 1995 by Moleria Locchi in Florence, Italy, in the typical and famous artisan district of San Frediano, the heart of the Oltrarno. The craftsman's signature is under the bottle (see photo). The Master Grinders of the Locchi workshop have been handing down their passion and skill for glass art since the 1800s; this mix of experience and synergy is the pure expression of craftsmanship; they are distinguished by their attention to detail that gives the crystal purity and beauty; by meticulously performing the grinding, engraving, cutting, and finishing they can achieve very complex workmanship, full of wonderful harmony and extraordinary chromatic effects making each artifact a work of art. Our bottle is a unique, precious, and elegant product; "elegant" objects are those that are never associated with the word "glitz" but rather with the simplicity of beauty and elegance. It must be remembered that Florence and Florentine's craftsmanship come from afar, bringing with them values that already existed in the Middle Ages and that, thanks to the "Corporazioni "and the enlightened Medici rulers, made the city and its skilled artisans the center of the artistic world and of past and present history. The precious masterpieces that come out of this incredible workshop are in demand all over the world. The bottle is in excellent condition. Measures width cm.9, depth cm.9, height cm.20. For all our shipments we use special packaging materials (wooden crates, styrofoam, etc.) for maximum protection and safety of the objects.

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Dimensions (cm):
20H x 9W x 9D
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7,87H x 3,54W x 3,54D
Creator / Artist:
Moleria Locchi Firenze
Good; Wear consistent with age and use. The bottle is in excellent condition.
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