Pair of Japanese Trays in Black Resin Lacquer Effect with Gold Painted Cranes


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We kindly suggest you read the whole description, because with it we try to give you detailed technical and historical information to guarantee the authenticity of our objects. Particular and original pair of rectangular trays of different sizes in black resin lacquer effect, each is completely hand-painted with skill and rare skill, the artist has meticulously cared for even the smallest details (see the plumage of the wings and legs), painting with gold paint two graceful cranes in flight using the technique of painting "Maki-e", (an ancient form of lacquer art practiced in Japan); there is also the very stylized red ideogram of the name "Tsuru" or "Crane"; the trays have built-in handles carved on the edge of the short sides, they are also painted gold on the entire upper edge; they are aesthetically linear and elegant, but also very practical and functional. The objects were made in Japan between 1970 and 1974 in the city of Wajima (Noto peninsula) famous for the production of lacquer and similar materials. But the most interesting thing is their symbolic value; in fact, the crane, a splendid bird with thin and long legs, white plumage, and a characteristic red spot on its head is one of the main symbols of Japanese culture. It is an animal associated with loyalty and honor, as well as strength. For this reason, it was chosen by the samurai caste to adorn weapons and shields. The plumage of the crane is black, white, and red, the latter two being considered symbols of purity and beauty. It is no coincidence that it is the same colors and the same concept of purity that Geisha try to recall through the makeup of their faces. It is a faithful and monogamous animal. For this reason, giving a crane as a present to an engaged or married couple is considered a benaugurate symbol of a long and lasting life together. A crane is considered a symbol that brings happiness, so the legend has spread that if you want to make a wish come true, you have to make a thousand origami cranes. At this point, it is a must to remember Sadako Sasaki (January 7, 1943-October 25, 1955) a girl who became sadly famous in Japan for her story. When the atomic bomb exploded, Sadako was only 2 years old. She was not directly hit and apparently remained unharmed. At the age of twelve, then ten years later, in February, she was diagnosed with a particular kind of leukemia, due to the radiation caused by the bomb. Knowing the legend, she decided to make a thousand cranes so that her dream of continuing to live would come true. He created many of them of different sizes and colors. Real masterpieces. Day after day, in her hospital bed, she made these little paper creations, convinced that she would make it, she would be saved. Despite all her efforts, however, leukemia took over and Sadako died in October of that year. The story of Sadako, her cranes, and her will to live struck a chord with the people of Japan. Later, a statue was erected in her honor in the Peace Park in Seattle (USA) (see photo), where origami garlands are still left by tourists and visitors in the hope that other wishes may come true. Sadako and her cranes have thus become the symbol of world peace. The trays are in good condition, only the larger one under the legs of the lower crane, has a dulling of the paint, but it is not a stain (see photo). Measures large tray width cm.49, depth cm.31, height cm.4, small tray width cm.43, depth cm.29, height cm.4. For all our shipments we use special packaging materials (wooden crates, styrofoam, etc.) for maximum protection and safety of the objects.

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4H x 49W x 31D
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1,57H x 19,29W x 12,20D
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Good; The trays are in good condition, only the larger one under the legs of the lower crane, has a dulling of the paint, but it is not a stain (see photo).
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