Teak Wood Decorative Panels with Japanese Kimono Figures


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Series of three decorative panels made of teak hardwood; they have a pleasing elongated hexagon shape; on each one is depicted a Japanese woman wearing a Kimono; they have an attachment so they can be arranged on the wall in a personal way. They were produced in Denmark between 1960 and 1965. The top one (see photo) and the bottom one present the "Furisode" Kimono, while the middle one is the Uchikake Kimono. The Furisode, from the Japanese furì=fluttering and sodè=sleeve, that is with fluttering sleeves, is the formal kimono for young unmarried women, and is worn up to twenty years of age, exceeded the twenty and arrived at thirty should no longer be worn. The Furisode being very formal is worn at weddings and other important celebrations, including the ceremony of the passage to the age of majority. On this occasion, the girls go to the temple wearing the Furisode! The Furisode can be said to correspond to a western debutante gala dress. The sleeves have a length of about 75 cm., but can also reach 114 cm. The Furisode requires a dressing a little more complicated than normal kimono, and in fact usually to wear it is necessary the help of an assistant. The Uchikake made its appearance in the Muromachi era (1336-11573) and was worn by the nobility of the court, while today it is reserved exclusively for brides on the occasion of the wedding. This is more than a real kimono, it could be defined as a kind of overcoat, so much so that its function is just that, and in fact, it is worn as a jacket, and therefore is not closed at the waist like a normal kimono; consequently, the hem will touch the ground creating an elegant train. It must be said that the Uchikake is not used exclusively at weddings, but sometimes is also worn by actors of Kabuki theater (theatrical representation arose in Japan at the beginning of the seventeenth century) and some dancers, or in the parades of historical reenactment. Measurements of each panel width 55 cm, height 23 cm, depth 1 cm. For all our shipments we use special packaging materials (Wooden crates, Styrofoam, etc.) for maximum protection and safety of the objects.

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Mid-Century Modern
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23H x 55W x 1D
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9,06H x 21,65W x 0,39D
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Good; Wear consistent with age and use.
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