1930s Art Deco Gilded Wood Framed Italian Plaster Bas-Relief


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An Art Deco gilded wood framed Bas-Relief Plaster depicting an antique Egyptian hand-crafted in Italy in the Thirties which represents a stunning fusion of artistic influences and craftsmanship from the early 20th century. This particular piece embodies the elegance and sophistication associated with the Art Deco movement, characterized by geometric shapes, bold colors, and luxurious materials. The bas-relief plaster technique involves sculpting figures or designs onto a flat surface, creating a three-dimensional effect that adds depth and texture to the artwork. In this case, the bas-relief depicts an antique Egyptian hand, evoking the mystique and grandeur of ancient Egyptian civilization. This piece reflects Italy's rich artistic heritage and its historical ties to ancient civilizations. The gilded wood frame adds to the opulence of the artwork, enhancing its visual appeal and serving as a luxurious accent piece for any space. The juxtaposition of Art Deco styling with the ancient Egyptian motif creates a captivating aesthetic contrast, blending modernity with echoes of the past. It serves as a testament to the enduring fascination with classical themes and the innovative spirit of the Art Deco era. It's in very good condition, gilded wood frame has small signs of age. Dimensions: Height: 25.6 in (65 cm)Width: 18.9 in (48 cm)Depth: 3.15 in (8 cm)

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