1940s Art Deco Porcelain Figure of a Woman on a Flower by Giovanni Ronzan


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A porcelain Figure in the center of a flower of a girl amazed at the sight of a small frog, titled "the flower" . Masterful execution and splendid choice of pastel colours. The Art Deco Porcelain Figure by Giovanni Ronzan is a breathtaking and finely crafted piece of ceramic art. Created during the heyday of Art Deco, it represents the pinnacle of elegance and sophistication that characterized this period. The figure depicts a graceful woman delicately perched on a stylized flower, displaying the artist's mastery in capturing the beauty and fluidity of the female form. The porcelain used in this creation it's of the highest quality, and the glazing technique employed would add a lustrous finish to the figure, giving it a smooth and polished appearance. Giovanni Ronzan, the esteemed Italian ceramic artist, was known for his exceptional talent in producing ornate and lifelike porcelain figures. His work often displayed a sense of romanticism and elegance, with an emphasis on capturing the beauty of the human form and incorporating elements of nature. The figure it's a prominent and eye-catching decorative item in any setting. Its presence would add a touch of timeless allure to a living room, a bedroom vanity, or an elegant display cabinet. Collectors and enthusiasts value Giovanni Ronzan's creations for their artistic merit and historical significance. Owning this 1940s Art Deco Porcelain Figure of a Woman on a Flower would be owning a piece of art history, a tangible reminder of the golden age of Art Deco and the artistic brilliance of one of its prominent creators. Publication "The followers of the Lenci manufacture" by M.G.Gargiulo Pag.164 Creator: Ronzan (Manufacturer) Dimensions: Height: 9.85 in (25 cm)Diameter: 8.67 in (22 cm)

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Art Deco
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Gianni Ronzan Torino
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