A group of nine American silver articulated creatures, Oleg Konstantinov, Kensington, MD, Contemporary


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This incredible set includes a cicada, staghorn beetle, Hercules beetle, longhorn beetle, hardwood stump borer beetle, grasshopper, praying mantis, cricket, and shrimp, each on iron stands and in an iron and wood display stand Konstantinov is deeply inspired by the natural world. Before moving to the United Sates, Konstantinov made a living crafting jewelry from carved animal bone. He developed a fondness for Japanese art as a child while visiting museums with his grandparents in St. Petersburg. When he discovered the 19th century Japanese craft of Jizai Okimono—articulated metal sculptures—he found his calling. The metal work combined his interests, technical skill, and eye for detail. Despite having no formal training, Konstantinov took up the craft after arriving in Washington D.C. from Minsk, over 20 years ago. To this day, Konstantinov works out of his Maryland based studio, Objets D’art Workshop, fashioning exquisitely crafted articulated sculptures. The modest artist has been quoted as saying his sculptures are, “…basically just toys,”. However, when one examines his process it is clear his objects are truly works of art. In 2012, Konstantinov was given the Silver Award at the Smithsonian Craft Show.

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21st century and contemporary
Place of origin:
United States
21st Century
Dimensions (cm):
43,18H x 55,88W x 22,86D
Dimensions (inch):
17H x 22W x 9D
Creator / Artist:
Oleg Konstantinov
Wood, Bronze, Silver
Very good;
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A group of nine American silver articulated creatures, Oleg Konstantinov, Kensington, MD, contemporary Modern insects silver art decoration bugs
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