Persian Tabriz Silk and Kurkwool Benam Floral Design Rug


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This one of a kind fine Tabriz rug originates from north - western Persia. It was hand knotted in the last quarter of the 20th century. The pile is made of fine lambs wool and pure natural silk. The foundation - warp and weft - is also made of pure silk. It has a very fine knot count of approx. 500 knots per square inch. We always offer a curated selection of excellent rugs carpets from Tabriz. All pieces have been personally selected and inspected. So you can choose from one of the best collections of the finest Tabriz carpets. Well-known masters of rug making in our partner factories ensure a consistently high quality. Genuine Persian Tabriz carpets impress with the extremely fine knot density of up to 2,000,000 knots per square meter and the extreme tear strength of the natural product silk, which is woven with such fine carpets as warp material. One can say without exaggeration that in Tabriz the most popular fine carpets of the world are produced. Also the variety of designs is impressive. From the traditional floral medallion carpet, to elaborate figural pictures, the popular motifs of the tree of life, to modern geometric designs, everything is represented. In the Iranian domestic market, the high-quality Tabriz carpet has the highest in demand and the best reputation besides silk carpet from Qum. We do not see the real artful carpet as a floor cover, in which it serves in most cases, but as the ambassador of a millennium of old culture. Traditions, ideas, thoughts and views of a completely different world create motifs and a play of colors that often captures the foreign viewer at first sight. In our purchases, we take into account the carpets that come from the country's identity and history, and not pieces that have nothing nice but a cheap price. With this attitude we find pieces of best quality. • Beautiful antique rug All of our rugs, carpets and kilims are original vintage or antique pieces. They are hand washed and ready to use. All rugs are used and have appropriate condition to their age. Stronger signs of use are separately listed. If you have any questions about the item or need additional images – I will be glad to help and assist you in your purchase. We ship our parcels via UPS within 1-5 business days, delivery usually within 3-5 business days after shipment left our shop. Our rugs are shipped from Germany.
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0.5H x 150W x 217D
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0,20H x 59,06W x 85,43D
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Wool, Silk
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