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Best of Both Worlds: Inside the Los Angeles and Copenhagen Homes of Interior Designer Laurence Roberts

A designer’s home is often a working laboratory, a place where they can experiment with various tricks of the trade while reflecting their true design personality. For international interior designer Laurence Roberts, two homes on opposites sides of the world shows just how versatile the talented designer can be.

For the sleek cosmopolitan apartment in Copenhagen, Roberts looked to the term “hygge” (pronounced h(y)ooge or hooge), a noun meaning “quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” As Roberts explains, “I was going for a Scandinavian meets LA look and wanted the feel of sitting on a sofa with your best friend, turning the lights down low and wrapping up with a warm blanket. It’s important that the Danes feel comfortable in my home.” Roberts shares the apartment with his partner of 35 years, the famous Danish skin cosmetician Ole Henriksen, who became a household name with his international skincare line. “You could say he is the Oprah of Denmark,” muses the designer.


Situated in a charming building that dates back to 1778, the two-story apartment shares the area with four Royal palaces complete with a Royal Guard marching band that often passes by twice a day. The interiors are decidedly minimalist where modern materials, showstopping artwork and comfort are the order of the day. “The thing about Copenhagen is I didn’t want to come in and make a huge statement. I used B&B Italia and Maxalto furnishings, and I infused Danish designs with antique pottery form Denmark for a warm look.” Art plays a predominant role in the space as the designer spent a year shopping the art world of Los Angeles and New York.


For his elegant yet relaxed home in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills, the couple went for a completely different look. “The entire house is all collectible antiques and rugs from Europe and top-notch,” details Roberts. “I love the mix of antiques with contemporary and love to add modern art with antiques as I let them play off each other.” Well-appointed rooms with a well-placed use of accessories displays the designer’s penchant for detail and love of antiques. Built in 1937, the designer wanted a “country feel” which he achieved with warm colors, inviting upholstery, a cozy all white and chrome kitchen and deer and hummingbirds that visit the grounds.


The homes are a perfect example of living in the best of both worlds, and for a designer, it doesn’t get any better. “I love how they complement each other; one is so international and the other is so LA,” he says.



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