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Fabulous Finds: What to Buy Now

When it comes to purchasing art and antiques in this age of luxury, several factors come into play. Does it suit my taste level? How is the quality? Will it hold its value? How does it work with my interior? And most importantly, do I love it? As Fabienne Cosulich, Managing Director and 20th Century Decorative Arts & Design Expert of Cosulich Interiors and Antiques, advises, “Always buy something you love, as life is too short and in the present, you must enjoy a noteworthy connection with your investment.”

With the many daunting choices present in the marketplace today, there is always a search for the exceptional. Let ArtOrigo show you how to spend your money wisely and offer a few fabulous finds from our dealers:

Zenoni for Flair Bronze Resin and Jute Fusion Sideboard, Italy, 2019
Florence, Italy

Created by Romano Zenoni for Flair, this sideboard is part of his capsule collection where the material is the main feature and speaks through form, texture and depth. Traditional techniques marry a contemporary approach with the use of distinctive materials such as bronze, brass, resin, ceramic and jute.
Flair principles Alessandra Tabacchi and Franco Mariotti note the sideboard is a very special piece and priceless, detailing, “We believe that in a globalized market like the one in which we live and with such a vast offer in terms of pieces available on the market and on the many and perhaps too many sales platforms, the only way to come out and gain the attention and interest of our increasingly demanding international clientele is to offer unique and one of a kind pieces, handcrafted for us exclusively by Tuscan artisans.” 


Concrete and Steel Low Tables from Stefan Rurak.
Todd Merrill Studio
New York

“Stefan is an up and coming designer creating evocative, one-of-a-kind works are the type of collectible pieces built to span generations.  Much like Paul Evans, whose works have garnered a cult-like status, each of his works is unique and bears the hand of the artist.  Stefan’s work defies conventional design by fusing fine art aesthetics, modern conceptual design, and traditional, hand-made craftsmanship techniques,” says Todd Merrill.

The table tops of his low tables are individually hand-patinated steel. The surface of the steel is populated with splashes and stains, finished with oil and buffed wax and then gilded along the edges in 24ct gold.  Applied pigmented concrete is built up to create texture somewhere between collage and assemblage for the round barrel bases.


Maitre Marchand French Louis XV Ormolu Kingwood Chest / Commode with Provenance
Cosulich Interiors & Antiques
New York

“Rare and exceptional furniture, trademarks of history, distinguished by high quality, long lasting materials and expert craftsmanship, do not lose value over time and will always regain its relevance,” says Fabienne Cosulich.  “This is the moment to invest in 18th-century remarkable pieces as they are now reasonably priced and, in the future, when their historical importance will return to the limelight, uniqueness, signatures, museum-worthy style will increase their acquired value. Fashion does not determine the best investments while time will always celebrate beauty and rarity.”


Vintage Turkish Hereke Rug
Djoharian Collection

Made in colors that will go with just about any interior, this vintage Hereke rug is oversized and measures 17.0 x 11.0 feet. Djoharian carpets are not “fashionable but more classic, modern and timeless” and have been on the market since 1967. Headed by Karl-Heinz Ahmad Djoharian, his family has been importing and collecting rare and usual rugs from all over the world. 


Dep Art Gallery
Milan, Italy

“Represented both in Europe and abroad, the artist Wolfram Ullrich is a mid-career German artist with a regular presence in the most important art fairs and this piece is interesting for his still affordable pricelist,” notes Dep Art Gallery’s Amanda Nicoli. “This piece has an interesting curriculum, exhibited in two public museums, published in the relative two catalogues and with the provenance of the artist studio. The artwork belongs to his last production, the period of his full maturity.”