1950s Angelo Lelii for Arredoluce Mid-Century Modern Brass Calla Table Lamp


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An iconic table lamp designed by Angelo Lelii and manufactured by Arredoluce in the Fifties, it's in working order, brass and ivory painted aluminum cone are in original patina and condition. The Calla Table Lamp is a highly regarded design piece from the 1950s. Angelo Lelii, an influential Italian lighting designer and founder of Arredoluce, a renowned lighting company. The lamp is characterized by its sleek and elegant design, which embodies the essence of the Mid-Century Modern style. It features a brass tripod base and a trumpet aluminum cone representing the calla lily flower, from which the lamp derives its name. The brass construction gives the lamp a luxurious and sophisticated appearance, while also providing a sturdy and durable structure. The warm tones of brass contribute to the lamp's overall aesthetic and make it a timeless piece that seamlessly fits into various interior design styles. The Angelo Lelii for Arredoluce Calla Table Lamp is known for its innovative lighting design. It incorporates a concealed light source which emits a soft, diffused glow. This indirect lighting creates a warm and inviting ambiance in any room. The lamp's design showcases Lelii's skillful craftsmanship and his ability to merge form and function. It exemplifies the principles of the Mid-Century Modern movement, characterized by clean lines, organic shapes, and a focus on simplicity and functionality. Today, the Angelo Lelii for Arredoluce Mid-Century Modern Brass Calla Table Lamp is highly sought after by collectors and design enthusiasts. Its timeless appeal, impeccable design, and historical significance make it a cherished piece of Mid-Century Modern design history. Creator: Angelo Lelii (Designer),Arredoluce (Manufacturer) Dimensions: Height: 13.78 in (35 cm)Width: 5.52 in (14 cm)Depth: 5.12 in (13 cm) Power Source: Plug-in Voltage: 110-150v,208v,220-240v

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Mid-Century Modern
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Angelo Lelii
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