1970 Modernist Murano Glass Giogali Chandelier by Angelo Mangiarotti for Vistosi


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An amazing modernist white murano glass giogali chandelier designed by Angelo Mangiarotti and manufactured by Vistosi in the Seventies. Due to its construction you can change easily height and diameter of the chandelier. It' is an exquisite piece of lighting design that epitomizes the creativity and craftsmanship of the era. Crafted in Murano, Italy, renowned for its glassmaking tradition, this chandelier reflects the skillful artistry and innovation synonymous with Murano glass. Angelo Mangiarotti, a distinguished Italian architect and designer, collaborated with Vistosi, a prestigious Murano glass company, to create the Giogali Chandelier. The chandelier features a series of interconnected white Murano glass links arranged in an elegant and intricate geometric pattern. The links are meticulously handcrafted, each one delicately shaped and fused together to form a captivating interlocking chain. The Modernist design of the chandelier exudes simplicity, yet it possesses a dynamic and sculptural quality that commands attention in any space. Its clean lines and geometric arrangement resonate with the minimalist aesthetics prevalent in 1970s design. The white Murano glass elements exude a soft and diffused light when illuminated, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. The chandelier's design allows light to permeate through the interlocking links, casting mesmerizing patterns and shadows across the room. The Giogali Chandelier not only serves as a functional lighting fixture but also functions as a stunning piece of art. Its striking presence adds a touch of sophistication and modernity to any interior setting, whether in a contemporary home, a chic boutique, or a stylish hotel lobby. Read Less Creator: Vistosi (Manufacturer),Angelo Mangiarotti (Designer) Dimensions: Height: 39.38 in (100 cm)Diameter: 17.72 in (45 cm)

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