1980s Mid-century Modern Glass Italian Table Lamp with Vienna Straw Lampshade


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A table lamp made by brass and glass fake tortoiseshell effect with the original brass and Vienna straw lampshade in very good conditions. It has been designed and manufactured in Italy in the Seventies using materials and style very similar to Christian Dior Home. Dimensions of the lamp without lampshade height cm 47 diameter cm 15. This Italian Table Lamp is a unique and striking lighting fixture that combines the sleekness of glass with the organic texture of Vienna straw. This lamp embodies the design sensibilities of the 1980s, blending modern elements with natural materials. The lamp base has a brass base and a cylinder of fake tortoiseshell glass, with clean lines and smooth surfaces that exude sophistication. The lampshade is where the distinctive Vienna straw comes into play. Vienna straw is a type of woven material made from natural fibers, typically derived from the rattan plant. It features a distinctive pattern of intersecting strands, creating a textured and organic appearance. The lampshade is meticulously handcrafted using Vienna straw, adding depth and visual interest to the overall design. The combination of glass and Vienna straw creates a beautiful contrast between the sleekness of the glass base and the earthy texture of the lampshade. The light emitted from the lamp is softened and diffused through the woven straw, casting warm and gentle illumination in the surrounding space. In summary, this Table Lamp is a captivating lighting fixture, Its unique design and attention to detail make it a standout piece that can enhance the aesthetics of any interior space. Similar to: Christian Dior (Designer) Dimensions: Height: 30.71 in (78 cm)Diameter: 15.75 in (40 cm) Power Source: Plug-in Voltage: 110-150v,208v,220-240v Lampshade: Included

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