A 1970s Space Age Square Smoked Mirrored Glass Italian Ceiling Light by Veca


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A square four lights lighting fixture designed and manufactured in Italy in the Seventies by Veca, the curved smoked mirrored glass it's in perfect conditions. This Italian Ceiling Light by Veca encapsulates the essence of its time, showcasing a futuristic and minimalist design with smoked mirrored glass as a key material. It not only provides functional lighting but also serve as an iconic representation of the Space Age design movement and Italian design excellence. The 1970s marked the peak of the Space Age design movement, which was heavily influenced by futuristic themes, science fiction, and space exploration. Square Shape, a popular choice during the 1970s adds a touch of modernity and symmetry to the design. The use of smoked mirrored glass for the light's construction creates a reflective surface with a smoky or tinted hue, contributing to the futuristic and space-inspired ambiance. The light exhibits a minimalist, sleek, and streamlined form, reflecting the Space Age's emphasis on clean lines and simplicity. The design would prioritize functionality and aesthetics in harmony. The ceiling light provides illumination with four integrated lighting elements, concealed within the smoked mirrored glass. Veca is an Italian lighting design company, was known for its quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. This type of ceiling light are considered symbol of the cultural and design influences of the 1970s, reflecting the era's fascination with space exploration and technology.

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