Four 1970s Space Age Murano Glass and Steel Wall Sconces by Mazzega


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Four orange and brown murano glass and steel wall sconces designed and manufactured with love in the Space Age Era by Mazzega, they have been checked by an electrician and are in perfect working order. the sconces exemplify the dynamic and futuristic design trends of that period. These wall sconces would reflect the Space Age's fascination with technological progress, space exploration, and unconventional aesthetics. The sconces' design features a harmonious blend of materials, showcasing the expertise of Murano glass artisans and the modern touch of steel. The glass components have been hand-blown in the iconic Murano tradition, resulting in unique and intricate shapes. The combination of transparent, orange, and brown hues would evoke a sense of warmth, while the transparent glass could create captivating plays of light and color. The Space Age influence would be evident in the sconces' form. The design incorporates geometric shapes and streamlined curves, enhancing the sense of movement and innovation. When illuminated, the sconces create an otherworldly ambiance, orange and brown hues add a warm and inviting glow, making these sconces not only functional but also decorative focal points. As products of Mazzega, a renowned Murano glass studio, these sconces incorporate the studio's commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. Mazzega was known for its ability to push the boundaries of glass artistry. Installed in a contemporary interior, these sconces would stand out as both nostalgic and forward-thinking pieces. Their blend of materials, colors, and forms would capture the essence of the Space Age Era's design philosophy, reminding us of an era characterized by imagination, exploration, and innovative aesthetics. Creator: Mazzega (Manufacturer) Dimensions: Height: 7.88 in (20 cm)Width: 6.3 in (16 cm)Depth: 3.94 in (10 cm) Power Source: Hardwired Voltage: 110-150v,208v,220-240v

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