An Antique Japanese Wood Carving of Two Minogames ( Mythological Turtle), Late 18th Century


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A sculpture of 2 Minogame turtles with their distinctive fan-like tails. The smaller turtle is standing in the she’ll of the larger one. This is an excellent Japanese hardwood carving dating from the late 18th century. The artist has managed to capture both the movement and strength of these mysterious creatures, stretching their necks out in curiosity. Cut from a single block of wood and in excellent condition. The Minogame is regarded as a very auspicious creature in Japanese culture and has made appearances in arts, crafts, and popular culture since time immemorial. The name comes from its most distinctive feature, a tail of seaweed which trails behind it like the traditional Mino (straw rain coat). The Minogame is said to live a thousand years, and is a revered symbol of longevity, often depicted along with the crane and some of the Daoist immortals. It has very similar to the real-life common tortoise, which can live for hundreds of years and can be seen with growths of algae on their shells.

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18th century (1700-1799)
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12,70H x 35,56W x 25,40D
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5H x 14W x 10D
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Very good;
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An Antique Japanese Wood Carving of Two Minogames ( Mythological Turtle)wood decor decoration art Late 18th Century
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