Barovier & Toso Italian Red Murano Glass Vase With Gold Decorations


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We kindly suggest that you read the entire description, as with it we try to give you detailed technical and historical information to guarantee the authenticity of our objects. Seductive Murano glass vase with an exceptional red coloring; the particular decorative effect used by the Glass Masters takes the name of "Bullicante", and consists of trapping small air bubbles inside the glass; for this process, the molten glass is rolled on a metal plane equipped with small "prongs" so that, by imprinting a depression on the glass in the pasty state it results with "holes" that will be later "covered" with a new layer of glass. There remains, therefore, "imprisoned" an actual air bubble at each "hole." Like "submerged" glass, "bulging" glass is a process that began in the 1930s. This vase is embellished with side applications consisting of cords of shaped glass with a characteristic wavy pattern, which is called "morise" in Venetian slang; for these decorations a gold foil was placed on the part of the mixture collected from the crucible, which was then covered with a further layer of glass, at which point the Maestro performed the blowing operation, the foil broke down and dispersed in the mixture, giving rise to a gold dust effect; with this system a shining powder is created within the glass itself, which discreetly embellishes the object to be created. Then at the end of the entire blowing of the vase, the two decorations were hot-applied to the vase itself; at this point, the Master glassmaker did a quick annealing in the kiln to uniformly amalgamate all the material, and then the piece was placed in the tempering kiln where it cooled for many hours with skillful slowness and patience; then, completely free of heat, it was taken to the grinding department where expert craftsmen proceeded to polishing, finishing and finally polishing. To achieve the magnificent red coloring, compounds containing copper and gold chloride (AuCl) were added to the body of the molten glass. Since the intensity of red is given by the amount of gold that is used, this explains why artifacts of this beautiful color are much more expensive than others. The vase is the work of Ercole Barovier and was created between 1955 and 1960 in Murano in the kiln of Barovier & Toso. Barovier & Toso is a Murano glass company in Venice. The business activity of the Barovier family began in the mid-13th century and is therefore the sixth oldest family business in the world still in operation. The Fratelli Barovier firm was re-founded in 1878 by Benvenuto and Giuseppe Barovier, thus becoming Artisti Barovier. In 1926 Ercole Barovier, artist designer and master executor, Benvenuto's son, took over the artistic direction of the company, which in 1942, merged with F.lli Toso Glassworks, taking on the current name of Barovier & Toso. Ercole invented the new technique of hot coloring without melting the glass. The Palazzo Contarini in Murano, the current headquarters of Barovier & Toso, also houses the Barovier & Toso Private Museum of Glass Art. Barovier & Toso's legacy with its reputation for the quality and beauty of its glass artworks makes the company an icon in the Murano glass art arena. On the bottom of our vase, although barely visible, is the Toso company mark (see photo). Our vase is a 'work of art made with magical craftsmanship and unparalleled skill by a great master craftsman in a magical, fascinating, and artistic place: a handcrafted furnace in Murano. The making of this object confirms to us that the Venetian aptitude, celebrated over the centuries, for glassmaking, is an alchemical combination of liquid matter worked out by artisan intelligences with happy artistic insights. The vase is in excellent condition. Measures width cm.32, depth cm.28, height cm.36. For all our shipments we use special packaging materials (custom-made wooden crates, styrofoam, etc.) for maximum protection and safety of the objects.

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Place of origin:
Mid-Century Modern
Dimensions (cm):
36H x 32W x 28D
Dimensions (inch):
14,17H x 12,60W x 11,02D
Creator / Artist:
Barovier & Toso
Murano Glass
Good; Wear consistent with age and use. The vase is in excellent condition.
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