Silver 800 Art Nouveau 186-Piece Flatware Cutlery Set 12 Persons V.C.Dub Austria Vienna 1915


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Silver 186-piece Art Nouveau flatware (cutlery set) for 12 persons, made by Vincenz Carl Dub, Austria / Vienna, c.1915. Gorgeous Austrian cutlery set / flatware / dinnerware consisting of 186 pieces. Most elegant design = so-said 'FÄCHERMUSTER' (= FAN PATTERN) / hallmarked by V.C.DUB, Vienna. Additionally, this cutlery set is kept in nicest wooden chest (mahogany stained) with four drawers as well as with elegant interior decoration (interior design) presenting this flatware set's parts in finest manner. This cutlery set / flatware consists of following parts: 4 SALT/PEPPER BOWLS WITH SPOONS / 12 MOCHA SPOONS / 12 COFFEE SPOONS / 12 ICE SPOONS / 12 SORBET SPOONS / 12 APPETIZER KNIVES / 1 CAKE SHOVEL / 1 SHOVEL FOR PIES / 1 KNIFE FOR CHEESE / 12 FISH KNIVES / 1 SUGAR TONGS / 2 SERVING SETS FOR FISH / 12 FISH FORKS / 12 APPETIZER FORKS / 12 DINNER FORKS / 12 KNIVES FOR FRUITS / 12 FORKS FOR FRUITS / 2 LARGE FORKS FOR SERVING MEAT / 2 SPITS / 12 DINNER KNIVES / 12 SOUP SPOONS / 12 DIFFERENT ITEMS: 1 SPOON FOR FRUITS, 1 ASPARAGUS TONGS, 3 SERVING SPOONS, 1 SPOON FOR VEGETABLES, 1 SALAD SERVING SET, 2 DIPPERS, 1 SUGAR TONGS, 2 LADLES. MANUFACTORY: master's mark of VINCENZ CARL DUB / VIENNA, AUSTRIA (hallmarked: VCD). The Dub's firm had been established in 1838 by Thomas Dub who died 1889 in Vienna: Vincenz Carl Dub (died 1922) took over leadership after his father's death (V.C. Dub had spent many years working alongside his father Thomas Dub). The firm turned into one of the leading flatware manufacturers in Austria in period of c.1890 - 1920. SILVER 800, branded by AUSTRIAN SO-SAID DIANA'S HEAD MARK 1872 - 1922 / MADE CIRCA 1915. MONOGRAM 'OS' ON PIECES OF FLATWARE EXISTING. MEASURES OF CHEST: HEIGHT: 35.5 cm / 13.97 inches. DEPTH: 47.0 cm / 18.50 inches. WIDTH: 68.7 cm / 27.04 inches. SILVER WEIGHT: 10.517 GRAMS

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Place of origin:
Art Nouveau
Dimensions (cm):
35.5H x 68.7W x 47D
Dimensions (inch):
13,98H x 27,05W x 18,50D
Creator / Artist:
Vincenz Carl Dub
Wood, Silver
Excellent; there aren't any imperfections existing
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