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PH Pianos and PH Furniture: Iconic Poul Henningsen design for the 21st Century

PH Pianos and PH Furniture are delighted to offer via ArtOrigo a selection of Poul Henningsen designed PH Pianos and PH Furniture pieces.

Originally created from 1919 to 1954 by renowned Danish designer Poul Henningsen but today manufactured using the latest modern processes under exclusive license, PH Pianos and PH Furniture represents Danish design heritage at its very finest.The contemporary revival of Poul Henningsen’s piano and furniture designs coincides with the significantly increased interest of consumers in interior design inspired by the Bauhaus movement of the 1920s and 1930s, as well as a renewed appreciation for the mid-century modern aesthetic.


PH Pianos and PH Furniture are provocative statements in form, colour and intention: Poul Henningsen’s design elevates the concept of the ordinary to become extraordinary. These art and design pieces inspire and are lifelong investments in the deeply functional as well as the aesthetically superior: each item is built by highly skilled craftspeople using the finest luxury materials. 

Produced by a small number of carefully selected European manufacturers to ensure all products are made to the most stringent quality standards, PH Pianos and PH Furniture is made using techniques that ensures it will last for generations to come. 
The PH Pianos collection available from ArtOrigo includes the newly launched and most beautiful PH Bow Grand Piano in exquisite wood veneer, the extraordinary PH Grand Piano with the glass lid, the futuristic PH Pianette as well as the PH Upright Piano. All pianos are designed in the 1930s and are to be considered Danish design icons. 



The PH Furniture collection encompasses a range of furniture for every room in the house, to include a wide range of lounge chairs, armchairs, dining tables and dining chairs, cabinets, dressing tables and storage furniture, as well as the iconic illuminated PH Mirror. 
PH Pianos and PH Furniture pieces together share a unique and cohesive philosophy that is unmistakably Poul Henningsen — PH Pianos and PH Furniture is the embodiment of the art of great Scandinavian design.

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