Large 19th Century Mythological Meissen Group 'Hero and Leander' by Juechtzer


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Excellent large Meissen Figurine Group Manufactory: Meissen Germany Dating: made circa 1850 Hallmarked: Meissen blue crossed sword mark underglaze / first quality Model: I 11 - created 1786 / painter's number 9 Material: multicolored porcelain, glossy finish Technique: handmade and painted porcelain Style: Classical Greek Modeller: Christian Gottfried Juechtzer (1752-1812) was a famous sculptor and modeler of the Meissen manufactory, born in Meissen as the son of a porcelain painter. From 1769 he worked in the factory, initially as an apprentice and student of Kaendler. Juechtzer succeeded M. V. Acier in 1781, and in mid-1790 he was given supervision of the work. In 1794 he became a master modeller. Juechtzer specialized in the design of bisque porcelain. The model I 11 was created in 1786. Specifications: Hero stands elevated on a pedestal, only clad with a large green cloth that is tied around her waist and covers her legs. With her right hand she holds a burning oil lamp over her head. With her left hand she reaches for Leander, who climbs onto the platform to hug her. He is also just clad with a cloth around his waist. The group is based on a square base with gold decoration. Hero und Leander are two characters from Greek mythology. They are among the most famous lovers in European literature. According to legend, Hero was a priestess of Aphrodite in Sestos on the western bank of the Hellespont Strait. Her lover Leander lived in Abydos on the opposite bank of Asia Minor. Since he could only visit Hero secretly, he swam through the Hellespont every night. A beacon that Hero lit in a tower, or an oil lamp or torch she used there, showed him the way. Once he got lost in a storm that put out the fire and drowned. The following morning, Hero discovered his washed-up corpse on the bank and flinged herself from the tower to her death. (Wikipedia) Dimensions: Height 12.59 in / 32.0 cm Width 5.90 in / 15.0 cm Depth 5.90 in / 15.0 cm Bibliography: Sabine & Thomas Bergmann, 'Meissen - Figures', Model numbers A 1 - Z 99, Erlangen,Germany 2014, page 188, catalogue number 363. Condition: Excellent.

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19th century (1800-1899)
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Dimensions (cm):
32H x 15W x 15D
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12,60H x 5,91W x 5,91D
Creator / Artist:
Christian Gottfried Juechtzer
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