Meissen Gallant Orchestra Complete 16 Figurines by Johann J. Kaendler and Friedrich E. Meyer


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Gorgeous group of MEISSEN figurines 'GALLANT ORCHESTRA', once created by Johann Joachim Kaendler (1706-1775) and Friedrich Elias Meyer (1723-1785): 16 figurines Size: Average height of figurines: circa 13.5 - 16.0 cm / 5.31 - 6.29 inches Manufactory: Meissen Hallmarked: Blue Meissen Sword Mark (underglazed) First quality Painter's Numbers and Former's Numbers existing Dating: Made 20th century Material: Porcelain, glossy finish, multicolored painted Technique: Handmade porcelain Style: Rococo, designed by Johann Joachim Kaendler and Friedrich Elias Meyer / first modelled, 1750-1760 Specifications: An enchanting masterpiece of 18th century German Rococo Porcelain Manufacturing is the Gallant Orchestra, consisting of 16 figurines. Caused by the figurines' charming appearance it is one of finest Meissen Series which has ever been manufactured. The musicians are making music with grace and lightness - being a nicest reflection of epoch of musical 18th century when - for example - the Dresden opera was founded in year 1719. The Complete Group presented here consists of 16 figurines, including the following models: - MODEL 60031 conductor holds a sheet of music in left hand / the right hand is raised for conducting - MODEL 60032 flute player - MODEL 60033 female singer holds a sheet of music in left hand - MODEL 60034 bassoon player - MODEL 60035 cellist - MODEL 60036 female singer holds a sheet of music in left hand and coat tails in right hand - MODEL 60037 lute player - MODEL 60038 flute player - MODEL 60039 lady with lyre - MODEL 60040 violinist - MODEL 60041 violinist - MODEL 60042 trumpeter - MODEL 60043 female singer holds a sheet of music in right hand - MODEL 60044 singer - MODEL 60045 female singer holds a sheet of music in right hand - MODEL 60046 female harpist Condition: Very good / there aren't any damages existing Bibliography: 1. Meissen, VEB Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen, DDR (circa 1960), vol. I 2. Sabine & Thomas Bergmann, Meissen Figures, Model Numbers Series-Animals, Erlangen / Germany 2017, pages 25 - 30 Actual selling price at Meissen Manufactory: circa EURO 40.000.- Shipping Note: This Meissen Group will be excellently wrapped and packed in special box.

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20th century (1900-1999)
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16H x 6W x 6D
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6,30H x 2,36W x 2,36D
Creator / Artist:
Johann Joachim Kändler
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Meissen Gallant Orchestra
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