Set of Three 1980s Modern Triangular Italian Vases in the manner of Sabattini


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Three triangular steel vases designed and manufactured in Italy in the Eighties, they are in good conditions, height of the medium vase is 20 cm, the height of the small one is 15 cm. They are a striking examples of contemporary design. Their triangular shape, curved details, stainless steel construction, and minimalist aesthetic make them stand out as unique and elegant pieces of art and functional decor. The curved design creates a visually interesting and dynamic appearance.stainless steel, a material associated with durability, sleekness, and a contemporary aesthetic. Stainless steel's reflective surface give thes vases a polished and modern appearance, high shine, enhances the reflective quality of the material and adding a sense of sophistication to the design. The 1980s marked a period of minimalist design, and these vases reflect that ethos. They prioritize simplicity and functionality, offering a stylish and uncluttered look that was emblematic of the era.

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