Silver 13 Lot Austrian Empire Pair of Candlesticks Anton Köll Vienna made 1811


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Gorgeous Viennese Silver Pair of Tall Candlesticks of finest manufacturing quality as well as of most elegant appearance. These candlesticks were made during VIENNESE EMPIRE PERIOD (= circa 1790 - 1814). They are stunningly made in following manner: Surface of both candlesticks having round form is smooth / they are attached to chased base. Truncated cone shaft & vase-type sockets existing. Additionally, the sockets are edged by broad bands which protect from dropping wax. PLEASE NOTE: THE CANDLESTICKS HAVE THREE ARMS WITH THREE GROMMETS WHICH ARE CONNECTED TO EACH OTHER BY AMAZINGLY BENT STRUTTINGS OF FINEST ORIGINAL EMPIRE STYLE / THE ARMS ARE REMOVABLE SO THAT WE HAVE ONE ARM-CANDLESTICKS, TOO. FINALLY, A STOPPER CROWNED BY DECORATION CONSISTING OF FLOWER'S BLOSSOMS HAS TO BE USED FOR EXTINGUISHING FLAMES: IT CAN BE PUT INTO THE GROMMET AT TOP AREA. MADE 1811. SILVER 13 LOT ( = SILVER 812.5). 1. branded by AUSTRIAN SO-SAID RADELPUNZE 1806 - 1867 / the 'Radelpunze' (Austrian silver hallmark) is well visible here, with manufacturing date 1811. 2. master’s initials existing: A.K (these are the initials of Viennese master ANTON KÖLL who was active in period 1797-1841). Bibliography: Waltraud Neuwirth, Wiener Silber ( = Viennese Silver) 1781 - 1866 , Vienna 2002, page 121. 3. Viennese so-said 'VORRATSSTEMPEL' (1809-24) visible, too. SILVER WEIGHT: 1968 GRAMS

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19th century (1800-1899)
Place of origin:
Dimensions (cm):
46H x 13.5DI
Dimensions (inch):
18,11H x 5,31DI
Creator / Artist:
Anton Köll
Excellent; there aren't any damages existing / the spots visible on pictures derive only from flashlight
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