A Group of Three Vintage Murano Glass Oriental Men by Ermanno Nason (1928-2013) -1970


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Group of 3 rare, incredibly detailed and refined Oriental figurines, 3 males one in coral pasta glass, another in burgundy glass and the third in black glass. Standing on a black round bases with wave motif, they are perfect in every detail and show the excellence of Nason’s technique. They are all signed and dated.? Ermanno Nason was born in Murano in 1928, from one of the oldest families of glassmakers on the island and appeared at his father Italo’s furnace at the age of ten. Ermanno left elementary school spending his time between the furnace and the school for Apprentices Masters “Abate Zanetti” (managed by Professor Vittorio Zecchin) and made his first experiences in more realities, including Pinzan & Cimarrosti where he was proclaimed Master at age of eighteen. In his youth, Ermanno also worked at the Mazzega I.V.R. collaborating on the great project of Egidio Costantini, which contemplated extraordinary artists of various types brought together: painters, sculptors and master glassmakers, gave the name of “Fucina degli Angeli”. This experience gave him the opportunity to start his personal search and the opportunity to meet with renowned painters and sculptors. Ermanno worked with all the greatest contemporary artists, from Marc Chagall to Oscar Kokoschka, from Pablo Picasso to Renato Guttuso, from Jacques Cocteau to Braque, from Jan Arp to Max Ernst, from Autun Motika to Alexander Calder. Two Smaller: 11.5"H X 6"W X 3.5"D Taller: 14"H X 5"W X 3.5"D

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20th century (1900-1999)
Place of origin:
Mid-Century Modern
Dimensions (cm):
35,56H x 12,70W x 7,62D 7,62DI
Dimensions (inch):
14H x 5W x 3D 3DI
Creator / Artist:
Ermanno Nason
Murano Glass
Very good;
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A Group of Three Vintage Murano Glass Oriental Men by Ermanno Nason (1928-2013) -1970 Antique Decor Decoration
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