A Pair of Mounted Porcelain Karp Shaped vases. Gilt - Bronze Mounted Blue Enameled Stoneware, Chinese 18th Century, the Mounts are Louis XV, Circa 1750


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The term ‘mounted porcelains’ refers to pieces of porcelain — originally produced in China, Japan or Europe — which are further embellished with gilt-bronze or silver mounts of European design to create a charming marriage of East and West. The first mounted porcelains were produced in the 16th and 17th centuries when trade was first opened with China and Japan and porcelain wares were brought back to Europe from the East. Many of these were relatively simple pieces set in precious or semi-precious metal mounts to make them more appealing to Western collectors. Initially the mounts were generally produced in silver, but as the trend became more widespread from the early 18th century onward, the mounts were increasingly made of gilt bronze.

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18th century (1700-1799)
Place of origin:
Louis XV
Dimensions (cm):
27,94H x 15,24W x 10,16D
Dimensions (inch):
11H x 6W x 4D
Creator / Artist:
Porcelain, Gilt , Gold
Very good;
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Antique Decor Pair of Gilt - Bronze Gilt Mounted Blue Enameled Stoneware Vases , Chinese 18the Century, the Mounts are Louis XV, Circa 1750
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