Mirror Frame With English Chromolithographic Prints With Flowers


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We kindly suggest that you read the entire description, as with it we try to give you detailed technical and historical information to guarantee the authenticity of our objects. The frame that encloses the two prints is very special and unusual; it was made in recent times by an old Master cabinetmaker who has his workshop in the "coolest" neighborhood of Florence: San Frediano, known for the fascinating and unique "workshops" of artisans who produce with their own hands; the Master inserted four shiny mirrors on the sides of the flat part of the frame tilting them outward, while he painted the outer part and the inner thread with gold so as to create in the whole a very bright, elegant and sophisticated optical effect. The prints are enclosed within the frame by a refined cream-colored passepartout with gold edging. The prints are paper works and not book pages. They were printed in London between 1900 and 1905 with the technique of "chromolithography" from the Greek crhromo (color), lithos (stone), and graphia (draw), a technique from 1837 obtained by superimposing images of different colors engraved on different stones, one for each color; with this process it was possible to imitate the colors of tempera paintings, obtaining very bright shades and tones. The prints depict two beautiful and important flowers, the one on the left is a Red Peony (Paeonia officialis) and the one on the right is a Scarlet Avens ( Avens Rosaceae Geum coccineum). The peony flower has a rich history and symbolism in various cultures, particularly in Chinese culture, where it has been valued for centuries. The peony is believed to be native to China, where it has been cultivated for more than 2,000 years. In Chinese culture, the peony is considered the "king of flowers" and is a symbol of honor, wealth, and aristocracy. It has been revered for its lush, full bloom and for its association with prosperity, good fortune, and happy marriage. The peony also played an important role in Greek mythology. According to one myth, the peony was named after Paeon, a student of the Greek god of medicine, Asclepius. Paeon used a peony root to heal Pluto, the god of the underworld, after being wounded by Hercules. As a result, Asclepius became jealous of his student's abilities and threatened to kill him. To save Paeon, Pluto transformed him into a peony flower. In the language of flowers, peonies have a range of meanings depending on their color and context. In general, they are associated with romance, prosperity, good luck, and a happy life. However, specific meanings may vary depending on the color of the peony: red peonies symbolize love, passion, and romance. It is also used to celebrate the 12th wedding anniversary because, according to traditional Chinese meaning, it also symbolizes living together in harmony. Scarlet Avens is a flowering plant belonging to the Rosaceae family. It is native to European regions, particularly the Alps and Pyrenees, and is known for its vibrant scarlet flowers that bloom in spring and early summer. The plant typically thrives in rocky alpine meadows and other well-drained, sunny places. Although the Avens Rosaceae does not have as much historical or cultural significance as other flowers, it is prized for its striking appearance and resilience under harsh growing conditions. In the language of flowers, Avens Rosaceae is associated with some key meanings that symbolize various aspects of human emotions and feelings: Avens Rosaceae can represent encouragement and support, particularly in difficult times. Its ability to thrive in difficult environments may symbolize the resilience and strength needed to overcome obstacles. The flower's ability to withstand difficult conditions and still produce vibrant blooms may symbolize perseverance and resilience to adversity. In some interpretations, Rosacea Avens is associated with protective qualities, representing a guardian or source of security. Our frame depicting the two flowers lends itself to easily decorating any room in the home, because of the symbolism the two prints encompass and the splash of color they can form. The frame and prints are in good condition. Measures width cm.49, height cm.35, depth cm.3, size of each print cm.18x12. For all our shipments we use special packaging materials (custom-made wooden crates, styrofoam, etc.) for maximum protection and safety of the objects.

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United Kingdom
Dimensions (cm):
35H x 49W x 3D
Dimensions (inch):
13,78H x 19,29W x 1,18D
Creator / Artist:
Wood, Paper, Mirror
Good; Wear consistent with age and use. The frame and prints are in good condition.
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