Italian Empire Folding Screen with Multicolored Lacquer Wood Panels in Gilt Bronze Frame, Silk Cover Verso


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This one-of-a-kind museum quality early 19th Century folding screen is made up of 6 rectangular wood panels, each richly painted and lacquered with architectural motifs, vases, musical allegories,flowers details, putti, grotesque and symbolic animals inspired by the Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman Gods. The warm white background with a gorgeous craquelè is masterfully hand painted with exceptional multicolored decorations. The four central panels depict each an allegory of a Roman mythological God: The Swan, because of its beauty, symbolizes Venus; the Peacock, considered a sacred bird to Juno the Queen of all Gods symbolizes the immortality; the Eagle, symbol of power and victory, is the attribute and messenger of Jupiter or Zeus. Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, Learning, Arts, Sciences, Medicine, Trade, and of War, is represented by the Owl that symbolizes the night. this elegant and precious screen was probably part of a boiserie, framed and turned in a folding paravan later. Each panel is flanked by a finely chiseled gilt bronze frame with acanthus leaves motifs. The ormolu frame is a work of art itself. The back is entirely covered with original antique light green silk. This rare piece of furniture is ready to embellish your home, it can be exposed to the floor or hung on the wall. This important and completely intact folding screen dates back to 1801-1805 is a rare example of Tuscan Empire and Lucchese neoclassical furniture, made during the Republic of Lucca, a renowned city near Florence, established by Napoleon Bonaparte on Dec. 27, 1801, after his second successful conquest of Italy, driving out the Austrians. It lasted less than four years; in June 1805 he granted Lucca to his sister Élisa Bonaparte as a principality, part of the new French Empire. Measures: height 150 cm (59.1 in), Width 102 cm (40.2 in)

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19th century (1800-1899)
Place of origin:
Dimensions (cm):
150H x 102W x 5D
Dimensions (inch):
59,06H x 40,16W x 1,97D
Creator / Artist:
Wood, Bronze, Silk, Lacquered wood
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Galleria Esposito_Paravento
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