1970s Space Age Blue and Turquoise Murano Glass Wall Sconces by Mazzega


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Three murano glass and metal wall sconces designed and manufactured in Italy in the Seventies by Mazzega, they are in original very good conditions and in working order. The "Space Age" design movement of the 1970s was known for its futuristic and innovative designs, and Murano glass from Italy has a long-standing tradition of craftsmanship and artistry. These Wall sconces created during this era are unique and visually striking. Mazzega is a renowned Italian glass manufacturer, known for producing high-quality Murano glass lighting fixtures. Their pieces combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design influences. Murano glass is world-famous for its craftsmanship and artistry. It is hand-blown on the island of Murano near Venice, Italy. The use of Murano glass in these wall sconces suggests a level of quality and artistic value. The use of blue and turquoise glass indicates a vibrant and eye-catching color scheme. This makes the sconces stand out as focal points in a room, especially when illuminated. Wall sconces serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. The choice of Murano glass not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also diffuses and refracts light beautifully, creating a unique ambiance in the space where they are installed. These wall sconces are likely to be a captivating addition to a space, whether it's a retro-themed interior or a modern setting looking for a touch of vintage flair. Sold individually Creator: Mazzega (Maker) Dimensions: H: 25 cm (9,85 in) W: 34 cm (13,39 in) D: 14 cm (5,52 in) Materials: Murano glass, metal

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